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What You’ll Learn:

• How I lost my business that made me over $1,000 a week––in less than 30 hours per week
• What I learned from it 
• The Mission of More Than Conquerors

“If Jesus was an entrepreneur and started a business today, what would it look like?”

I recently had a significant business failure. I lost a lot of money. Frankly, I still haven’t fully recovered. When I asked myself, why did this happen? One word came to me.

Hustle. (It’s the new black)

I was so focused on making money that I overlooked some details and messed up. I forgot what business––what Christianity––is all about: serving. After realizing this, I set out to rebuild the house that the storm (me) blew down.

But building a house is hard.

That’s why I’m asking for help. I’m asking Business owners, entrepreneurs and industry leaders how they are having success and what strategies they are implementing––without compromising their values.

I’m very excited about this project and what I’ll learn in the process. But more than anything, I’m looking forward to getting back to the roots of my faith. I’m excited to serve.

To serve my audience.

To serve my guests.

To serve my Lord.

And maybe, I’ll figure out what His business would really look like.

If you have any topics that YOU would like to hear more about: Real estate, online marketing, eBay reselling, whatever. Please let me know.

Because why build a house if you can’t invite your friends?

Stay Frosty,


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How to Subscribe: