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What You’ll Learn:

• How to set yourself and your business apart in an evolving digital landscape
• Why cream cheese is the best marketing strategy you can employ
• 1-2-3 steps for becoming a digital consultant 

My guest today is Chandler Elmore. He is the marketing director for Taco Johns, a growing fast food chain in the midwest. Chandler cut his teeth as a marketing consultant for small business owners. 

We how marketing has changed and why digital marketing is now, well, just marketing. 

Chandler “spreads out” his now-famous cream cheese analogy. Describing how business owners can maximize the opportunities that social media and modern platforms have to offer. 

He offers advice on how business owners should choose which platforms they should focus on,

Chandler also talks about his consulting business and how those looking to get into it can excel––ethically and without adhering to the toxic mindset found on social media. 

This episode is for anyone who is struggling to find separation or who feels overwhelmed in today’s digital landscape and for entrepreneurs looking to cut their teeth as consultants to business owners. 

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How to Subscribe: