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What You’ll Learn:

• Simple, effective strategies to increase your personal brand via Instagram
• How entrepreneurs can establish themselves as experts in their field
• Practical networking tips to practice in your community 

My guest today is Lauren Greer. She is a rising star in the Tampa, FL real estate market. 

We talk about how the real estate market is changing for millennials. As more are settling down and finding good jobs, they are wanting to invest in their future. 

Lauren talks about some of the strategies she is using to dominate her space––on her terms. She is leveraging Instagram to build lasting connections with people in her area.  

We discuss the challenges the come with being a female entrepreneur. Women struggle with being taken seriously and must go the extra mile to be seen as experts in their field. 

Lauren opens up about her fight with depression and anxiety. She talks about how it effects her and what she is doing to combat it and move forward in her life and her business.

This episode is for anyone who is looking to get into real estate, aspiring female entrepreneurs or anyone struggling with depression and anxiety.  

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How to Subscribe: